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The competitive landscape of the international kitchenware industry is mainly concentrated among a few large kitchen manufacturers. Large-scale kitchenware companies rely on their own advantages in product development, design, branding, etc., and the profit margin is relatively high. In addition to the small-scale production of large-scale kitchenware companies, most of the products are set up in other countries and regions with lower production costs. The production base is provided by or provided by a partner, and becomes a designer, brand operator and import wholesaler. Small and medium-sized kitchenware companies are basically concentrated in the local market or become a partner of large kitchen companies.

Europe and North America are areas where the production and sales of Kitchen Utensils are relatively mature. The income level and consumption level of residents are relatively high, and the demand and quality of kitchen utensils are relatively high.

In recent years. The global production capacity of kitchen utensils has gradually shifted from developed countries such as Europe and the United States to developing countries. The emerging developing countries such as China and India have continued to grow their economy, their technological level and manufacturing level have increased rapidly, and they have the advantage of labor price. They have now developed into the global kitchenware industry. An important production base.
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