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Why we choose silicone bakeware

While many home chefs have embraced this newest line of bakeware products, some of us have been slightly reluctant to depart from our traditional metal and glass baking pans that have stood the test of time, long enough to even 'test drive' a silicone pan.

They really are that good - no melting and no more scissor-trimming to remove worn edges. They can take the heat and you can even use them in a hot skillet to scramble your eggs. After a year and considerable mileage, they still look like new.

Homelife have been in this range in 10 years.Our Silicone Bakeware is made of FDA-approved food grade silicone and this should be clear on the packaging label. Each piece of silicone has its own limitation as to manufacturer recommended maximum oven temperature, which is usually stamped right on the product.




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