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Splatter Screen

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Silicone Splatter Screen For Hot Oil Pan Cooking

Model No. : HLC0943

Silicone Splatter Screen For Hot Oil Pan Cooking Tools Silicone Splatter Screen makes it stand out is the silicone This silicone bakeware can reduce splatter much better than the wire splatter guard that you ve used for years Multifunctional and...

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MULTI USE Kitchen Tools - Using as a grease and Splatter Screen, strainer, cooling mat, and also a drain board. As a pan cover/splatter screen avoid grease and sauce splatters. Use as a strainer to strain fluid off cooking pot or any food preparation container as desired. Put across standard size sinks and use as a drain board.

Protect yourself and your kitchen from splatters

Design to fit most pots and pans, Kitchen Utensils and gadgets, kitchenware, Kitchen Accessories.

Provides a non-slip and heat-resistant grip

Nonstick & easy to clean; simply wipe down with a damp towel

Versatile Hot Oil Splash Guard and Mesh Lid are Perfect for Protection During Cooking and Steaming, Use as Frying Pan and Iron Skillet Lid, Also Great as Straining Screen and Flat Strainer to Drain Food or Rinse your Ingredients, Perfect to Protect Your Food and Allow for a Quick Cool Down.